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After more than 50 years working with computers, almost 30 years running my own IT consulting company and about 25 years as an ACT! Certified Consultant I decided it's time to take a long holiday. I've moved out of Sydney to a place in the country, deregistered the company, turned off the business phone and fax and settled into a life of leisure.

Actually, there won't be too much leisure, because I will continue to write about science and critical thinking at my RatbagsDotCom hobby site and for publications like Australasian Science, write occasional articles about business and computers (there used to be a blog here for that, and you can see the articles here), post occasionally on Twitter at @ratbagsdotcom, waste too much time on Facebook, collect everything together at my personal site at, finish writing the three books that I should have finished long ago and spend weekends chasing rally cars for Ausrally.Com and various newspapers.

Just because I'm not doing it full time doesn't mean that I've forgotten everything I know or used to know. I can still sell copies and upgrades of Act! and Handheld Contact, and I can even provide some support and training. I might live in the bush but I have the NBN and I've had success operating clients' computers from a distance, so if you want anything just drop me an email using the link at the bottom of the page. Email gets checked a couple of times a day so you will usually get a reply by the next business day.

I would like to thank all of the clients and suppliers I've worked with over the decades. I have had very few bad debts caused by clients simply not paying and a couple where business failures were legitimate, but overall clients paid on time and what they owed me. Several were clients for many years, so I must have been doing something right. I won't insult them by selling them to another company but I'm happy to refer them if they need something that I can't do or don't choose to do.

Now, I'm sure there's a fishing rod in my shed and the local paper tells me that the trout are plentiful in the dam ... .

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